8 Reasons to Buy a CS 8100 3D


Versatile and Selectable Fields of View

With four selectable fields of view— ranging from 4 cm x 4 cm to 8 cm x 9 cm* —the CS 8100 3D covers all of the extensive diagnostic needs of dental and specialty practices.


High-Resolution 3D Images

The CS 8100 3D uses a high frequency generator, combined with an all-new 4T CMOS sensor and new image processing, to produce sharp, highly detailed images


Smallest Footprint in the Market

Compact enough to fit into any practice, the CS 8100 3D offers the benefits of panoramic and CBCT imaging without sacrificing valuable real estate.


Designed with Staff (and Patients) in Mind

Thanks to the CS 8100 3D’s simplified workflow and innovative 3D bite block, images can be captured in only four steps —select the program, position the patient, take the X-ray and review the image.


5-Year Warranty

The CS 8100 3D gives peace of mind through its warranty option. By manufacturing, developing and delivering powerful— yet intuitive—products, we are able to directly deliver savings directly to you.


Implant Planning

The integrated implant library comprises more than 60 international implant manufacturers and thus enables you to plan comprehensive implants.


Low Dose with 7 Second Scans

Reducing radiation dose by as much as 71% (compared to the standard mode), the CS 8100 3D’s Flash Scan mode minimizes dose for safer follow-up exams and pediatric/smaller patients.


Multifunction Solution

The CS 8100 3D offers 2D panoramic and 3D imaging, all in one system. Plus, the unit’s 3D model scanning seamlessly integrates with the CS Solution suite of products to facilitate prosthetic-driven implant planning, restorations and STL outputs.

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