A break-in. A malicious website. A laptop stolen from an employee’s car. The news of a data breach is happening all too often. The answer is a security-rich, HIPAA-compliant cloud solution. With WinOMS Cloud, you enjoy automatic updates and back-ups, consistent system performance at all your office locations and access to your data and images—24/7 from almost any device with an internet connection. Monthly subscription rates mean financial predictability and no surprises. And now with the newly updated, tablet-friendly EMR Elite module, you can spend less time documenting patient encounters and more time optimizing patient care. All of this adds up to peace of mind and a more efficient workflow.

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Redefine the way you handle the resource-intensive tasks of your practice, and increase your accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Our eServices solutions are completely integrated with WinOMS—as a result, there are fewer clicks to launch the functionality you need, which means: fewer keystrokes and opportunities for error. Information updates automatically across solutions.

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OMS3 Practice Pilot
Enjoy quick-and-easy access to reporting when you add Practice Pilot to WinOMS. This data visualization tool runs separately from WinOMS but manipulates the data within your database—continually mining it for key information that’s specific to the success of your practice, like:
  • Collections
  • Insurance Tracker
  • Office Performance
  • Procedures
  • Provider Performance
  • Referral Performance
  • Marketing
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CS 9300
Designed with oral and maxillofacial surgeons in mind, the CS 9300 provides adjustable fields of view to match your diagnostic needs.
  • With CS 3D Imaging software, you have access to advanced implant planning tools and a comprehensive implant library
  • Versatility in imaging modality, field of view, dose and scan times
  • Unlimited image licenses with no added fees for easy sharing with referrals
  • Open DICOM file format for effortless data sharing with third-party surgical guide fabricators
  • Drastically reduced dose and scanning time without loss of image quality



CS 3600
Discover intraoral scanning that is more intuitive, efficient and powerful. You’ll end up with a much simpler acquisition process and the ability to improve clinical outcomes.
  • Delivers high-speed continuous scanning and a fast, simple and efficient user experiences
  • Comes with autoclavable, reusable tips in three* interchangeable styles
  • Provides open-system scanning for optimal flexibility through .STL and .PLY file outputs
  • Integrates directly with WinOMS software

* Posterior tip is a work in progress, not available for sale pending medical device regulatory clearances and registrations